Noah’s Ark Daycare has been serving the North Platte area for over seven years and is prepared to serve you! If you desire a place where your child will be well taken care of in a clean environment by a professional staff, then Noah's Ark Daycare is the place for you! 

Noah's Ark Daycare is a special place provided by the North Platte Baptist Church that offers a clean and safe environment for your children. Both of the NAD locations are fully equipped to supply an enjoyable experience for your child. 


It is our mission to provide the best possible care for your infant. We follow all Nebraska state guidlines and procedures on proper infant childcare. Communication with the infant's parents about their child's needs and preferences are very important to us.


Providing interactive and educational centers to further a child's imagination and creativity is very important to us. We love introducing colors, shapes, letters, and numbers to this age group. We also help partner with the parents to encourage potty training.


Our program is designed in such a way that your child will learn all of the basics in early childhood education. It is our purpose to help prepare your child for their future education. We also provide a yearly Preschool Graduation Ceremony for free!


Older children are welcome! We provide a safe and exciting place for after school care or when the other schools are closed. The children are provided with toys and educational materials for their age groups.


Both of our daycare locations are equiped with outdoor playgrounds that are furnished with safe and fully functional equipment. This provides a fun place for your children to express their creativity in play. 


Noah's Ark Daycare participates in the Child and Adult Food Program (CACFP). This insures that your children are receiving the best nutrition possible for their growth and development.

Our Purpose:

It is our desire to provide each child with a warm and stimulating environment designed to develop learning opportunities for independence, self-esteem, and respect for others. When children are engaged and interested, learning becomes fun in their lives. Our centers will strive to take your children to higher standards in the following areas:

Mentally: To develop thinking and to accept the results of their decisions. To broaden their range of interests.

Spiritually: To gain an understanding of the basic truths about God; His Son, Jesus; and the Holy Spirit.

Emotionally: To meet new situations with a reasonable amount of stability. To be able to initiate the follow through of a simple plan of work. To grow in self-confidence while learning to do more things for themselves and help to solve their own problems.

Socially: To develop the art of meeting new friends and learning how to work and play in a group. To develop an attitude of kindness, cooperation, courtesy, and helpfulness toward others. To accept appropriate individual and social responsibilities in a group.


All of our staff have background checks and sexual offender checks prior to hire. They are also CPR, First Aid, SIDS, Shaken Baby, Safe Sleep, and CACFP trained and certified. Both of our daycare directors hold their Master's Degree of Science in Education. 

Moral Character

It is our mission to have staff who are not only trained to do a professional job, but also enjoy their work environment. We strongly encourage good moral character to provide the best care possible for your children. Happy staff equals happy children!



Established in 2010
(308) 221-2551
808 W. Philip Ave.
North Platte, NE 69101


Established in 2011
(308) 221-2547
1800 East D Street
North Platte, NE 69101


We are so thrilled that you are interested in the childcare service provided by Noah's Ark Daycare! Please contact us using the form below to
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